Drum Roll Please!!!

The answers to the masked reader and the percentage of you guessed correctly are below.

These are the answers to this weeks Masked Reader and what percentage of you guessed correctly. We hope you had as much fun listening to the stories and working out who was who, as we had filming them. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Mrs Sibley = cat (89%)

Mr Hall = cow (92%)

Mrs Cowley = tiger (no teapot) (89%)

Miss Ramsell-Smith = bear (89%)

Miss McCreery = fox (89%)

Mrs Riley = lion (79%)

Mr August = otter (88%)

Mrs Smedley = octopus (57%)

Mrs Palfreyman = tiger (with a teapot) (53%)

Mr Dransfield = robot (86%)

Mrs Kendrick = monkey (90%)

How many did you guess correctly?

Mrs Sibley

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