Today we are all going to be taking a ‘shelfie’ and sharing the books we love and why. This is my ‘shelfie’. First, of course there had to be Harry Potter on there, as it is my daughters favourite, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy because it is the first book I remember reading as an adult, Joe Wick because I like to cook and a book about teaching writing too. I mostly read on my kindle and at the moment I am reading a book called 46% Better Than Dave. It is a really funny book where two people of the same name end up living next door to each other and comparing their lives. But the books that are most special to me are: Douglas Adams Last Chance to See, this is a non-fiction, funny book with a very serious message. Douglas travels the world in search of species on the verge of extinction; he has some close scrapes with the animals but finds himself in so many hilarious situations on his travels. This book makes me laugh out loud and takes me to places all around the world. But the most special book is a very small and is a pop-up book of Hansel and Gretel that has been passed down my family. This is a book that my dad used to love to have read to him too. We can’t wait to see your ‘shelfie’ and to hear about the books you love!

Mrs Sibley

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