Walking in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore🎖

This week we set each class the challenge of walking a total of 100 laps of their gardens in memory of the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore and the incredible amount of money he raised for the NHS. He taught us that anything is possible if we work together and keep smiling!

Well Hallam Fields, you have done us all so proud. Over the eight classes our target was 800 laps… you smashed this, just like Sir Tom, and walked an incredible ✨5,564 laps!!! What a tribute to the role model that told us we’d “never walk alone” and kept our spirits up when we needed it the most.

You have all had such a tricky half term, and we are so very proud of you, so to end it on such a high seems very well deserved.

Thank you to you all, to all the staff who joined and encouraged you and to your families (and pets) who have supported you not only through this challenge but through the term. Time for some rest now so take care and look after each other! We can’t wait to see what you are all capable of next!

Mrs Carr 🌈

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