So many smiles this morning

It was so nice to stand on the gate this morning and see so many smiling faces as we welcomed everyone back, or to Hallam Fields for the first time. There were some lovely comments from the children saying how glad they were to see us all. The sound of children making their way in to classes, talking to friends, along with windows and doors open in classes and the sound of laughter and working together can be heard again. It sounds like our school again.

Image result for smile icon

Thank you to all the parents for helping get the children in to school safely this morning and trying to stand apart so that we could get year groups in one at a time.

Just to remind you of times

Year 4 – 8.45 drop off 3.00 Collect
Year 6 – 8.55 drop off 3.10 Collect
Year 5 – 9.05 drop off 3.20 Collect
Year 3 – 9.15 drop off 3.30 Collect

Children should line up by the cones whilst waiting to come in.

We also appreciate that if you have children at different schools you may be struggling with drop off times and may be running late, please tell your child not to worry, we understand.

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